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The Kent Kids
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Kent's like.. you know, like, kind of like a state of mind more than a city.

Like, if you go somewhere and you have deja-vu, that familiar, comforting, kind of eerie feeling that makes you think about your life. It makes you look back at your life and what you've accomplished and everything you did wrong.

Yeah, Kent's like this big energy source you can just tap into and feel the flow of good vibes and happy times, all these kids running around like they own the place. It's all about the good times.

I don't even care if you've never even been to Kent, man, it's not even about the location or the coordinates. It's about, like, keeping things real. Things are so real in Kent. It's like, every corner (and there are many corners) you turn it just keeps getting more and more real. Sometimes you have to just stop and get ahold of yourself.

Kent's this big euphoric wave of pure, unadulturated pleasure that stays with you long after you leave. And once you're gone, if you can ever let yourself go, part of you is held securely there so that you'll always have something to come back to, as if Kent itself wasn't reason enough.

If there was ever an election for the capitol of the universe, hands down Kent would take the cake. And eat it too, because eating cake is the kind of fun things we like doing in Kent, us Kent kids. And there would never be a cake shortage.

No doubt Kent is one of the most, if not the most, culturally enriching areas in the world. Even if you're just driving through Kent as soon as you hit the border of some lame other city you automatically feel as though you just grew so much as a person. I have no doubt that you could probably die soon thereafter and feel entirely completed, like, your life would have just been totally worth living, just for those five minutes.

Yeah, and waterfalls and everything.

Most people don't know it, but the United States Government had to set up secret city-bouncers along Kent's borders just to keep the whole world from moving in, thus totally ruining the unexplainable experience that is Kent. I guess if you live kind of close to Kent you're probably pretty sweet too, just because Kent has so much freaking positive energy that it can't contain itself in what little precious land it has and it leaks all over the place.

And it would be so easy for Kent to start this massive empire and take over every country in the world, even Antarctica, but the people in Kent aren't selfish. We try to keep things as simple as possible in hopes that people will discover and enjoy this epic life-changing, emotional journey on their own.

There are a sad few in this world who may never come to know the overabundant joy of Kent, and for that I have an unimaginable amount of grief.

As for everybody else, I salute you.