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tribute to starcrossed

so there needs to be more Kent talk here. This town needs to get back to business. However, im sure most of you have heard the unfortunate news of the Starcrossed hiatus. its been coming for a while now, but the thought still brings a tear to my eye. rather than writing a sappy paragraph, I would like to pay tribute to them by listing my top 10 Starcrossed shows/memories. not only to incite discussion about the band but to get this city and community talking again. if any one else has any other memories, post them in comments or make your own post. just because kent is loosing one of its defining bands doesnt mean it has to die.

10)Brady's Cafe - June 1999 :
The first time i saw the band, then Defiance 40. They were so nu-metal, its not even funny. Zach wore a limp bizquit t-shirt and TJ had spiked hair. but it changed my life.

9)Euro Gyro - May 2001 :
end of the year bash. all the classic old songs. "I Forgot My Way to School on Monday" and "Abrigating the System of ABO" are classics.

8)Amnesty Benefit at RHS - February 2001 :
actually all of the Amnestys, because they were all great. But 2001 was when i played my first show ever and we had to play after the starcrossed. and when Zach's vain buldged at the end of "Coma" it sent chills down everyones spine. And Ahmed had some really wierd skull things on his kit. Its also worth mentioning that a week later, they played the lock-in in the Roosevelt cafeteria all dressed in Turtle Necks.

7)Robinhood - June 2003 :
Black and White opened the show and starcrossed played shortly after. The first time i had seen all of kent dancing and it was a beautiful sight.

6)Brady's Cafe - August 2002 :
Starcrossed wasn't supposed to play this show. The show opened with Black and White (side project with Ahmed, Evan, Samer, and Myself). However our set ended with an A-minor chord held out as Samer and I left the stage and Zach and TJ took our places. The band then broke into Epic. And broke somethings too. First time they played By Other Means.

5)Pizza In My Basement - February 2004 :
The Valentine's show. The show opened with myself joining the band to help them sing the Cardigan's number "Love Fool". I later joined the band again to sing harmonies on Fiesta. The room was perfectly lit.

4)Orange Street - July 2003 :
The party of the summer. Perhaps its Never Endings's first show, along with Farsight and Skies Bleed Black. Possibly one the best starcrossed show ever. Every member of the band was shirtless by the end of the set.

3)Charlie and Molly's Barn - November 2003 :
I played my first solo set ever this night and i ended my set performing a cover of "Epic". Zach joined me to sing it, and soon after Ahmed hopped on the drums and Evan got his Keyboards. Starcrossed played beautifully afterwards. Also, all of the other times shows had in the Barn. Its a special place.

2)Field High School - April 2003 :
the show that changed everything. if it wasnt for this show the band could have broken up years ago and nobody would have had a clue who they were. Evan smashed his guitar at the end. Everyone danced.

1)The Bon-Voyage/Cd Release show - Whenever it happens :
Whenever it happens, if it does, and hopefully isnt an actual farewell show. But it will no doubt be the best.

(other honorable mentions : the Grotto 2003, Altzheimers Benefit 2002, Lentz's Basement 2002, every other Robinhood show.)
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